Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Who's that talking ?

I have the habit of reading more into stuff than neccessary. This has worked in my favor most of the time. It has given me the abillity to see the light at the end of the tunnell even when it sometimes seems so dim. Some call this intuition or your conscience talking to you. I see it as God's voice gently and sometimes not so gently showing us what we need to see even though it may not be clear in the beginning. How many times have you thought,I should have listened to myself from the start. I believe we recieve red flags that we either choose to ignore or pay attention to. These are warnings like yield signs along a highway. We cruise along carelessly never thinking that an accident could occur...But when it does we somehow realize just how foolish our actions were. Some want to blame the other car for the accident and angrily lash out. Some blame themselves and carry it as a burden and become so depressed. Then there are those who see the accident for what it was. A mistake. They tell themselves that is was an accident, and from now on they'll be more careful and cautious with their ways and hopefully they are.

I know personally I have about 100 pages of accidents and mistakes...thank God for redemption and having enough compassion to look past our blemishes. I do wonder at times that without those accidents and mistakes would I be the person I am today. I don't think so. Most blemishes give us a story to tell and wisdom to pass on to someone else. Nothing is a coincidence everything is going as planned. Gosh I love life and all the wealth I've been given. We are truly blessed.

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