Friday, October 10, 2008

Just Desserts or just wrong ?

I found this video a two weeks ago, I believe I was browsing for something about Africa and locs and somehow this video about the poor whites in South Africa. I was a bit surprised. Of course being American and ignorant to so many things that occur in other countries, I've always had this assumption that the whites in South Africa were living quite nice. This video shows different. Accusations against the government who fought against racism are now using it against the poor whites that live there. Is this trues ? Well I'm not from South Africa and I cannot certainly attest to those who are speaking for themselves in the video. If what they're saying is true it's interesting. Does the government there believe that these people are getting what they deserve because of what has happened in the past...What goes around comes around, but when does the cycle stop ?


BrownSuga said...

I have a neighbor from Nigeria and I've learned so much about his culture. It makes me want to learn more but Africa is soooo big!!!!! So much to learn. Oh and tag you're it!!!!! Check out my blog for the rules.

Maryee said...

Interesting video. I checked out the one on Albinos as well. Thanks for sharing. We have a lot to learn.