Thursday, November 20, 2008

Getting down to business

Has it been two weeks since my last blog ???? Oh my goodness the holi-day-itus must have taken over. I won't blame it on that, it's just I've decided to do something I should have done a long time ago. Take my business serious, instead of treating it like a hobby. Things are great ! Family is coming over for Thanksgiving, I'm really excited because I love entertaining. My hair is just doing it's thang. Honestly I'm forgetting about it more and more, which is good. I wash, moisturize and go. I haven't even styled it for 3 weeks and my HILD is lessening due to the fact that I have other things racing through my mind. Alas I must go and finish my collard greens... I will catch up tomorrow. Blessings to everyone and enjoy your Thanksgiving !

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Well I must say that for a very long time I've tried to avoid it. I pretended like it wasn't bothering me. However being the semi-structural person I am, it ate away at me every day. Yes folks I redid a loc. Took it down and did it over. It's one right over my temple, for some reason it started to bother me. I kept telling myself you'll get over it, just leave it alone,it's been three months it'll get better. Yeah right ! That thing was driving me insane. So down it went. Took me about 10 minutes to unloc the lil bugger. This made me realize just how far my hair has come ! Yes they still look like little braids but they're getting there and I'm seeing some length because I constantly have to move them outta my eyes, but a sista is NOT complaining about that ! Hopefully this will be the last one I have to take down and redo. Honestly this WILL be the last one I will take down and redo.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Granny don't like it

My daughter has asked for me to loc her hair on and off for the past 3 months since I've started my journey. I know most of you are like "So what's the problem ???". Personally I know my child, who is only 6 and who changes her mind like she changes her chapstick with seems like a new flavor every hour. My spirit is not moving me to loc her hair at this point, however we have talked about it quite frequently and in due time she will have them if she wants. Recently she told me how my grandmother told her that she would not want her to get locs. Honestly I was not surprised. I can't even escape a comment about letting my daughter wear an afro or afro puffs. First thing to come out of her mouth is "Oh my gawd it's nappy !" To that I always reply "I didn't know it wasn't supposed to be ?" I have had numerous talks about certain subjects mainly hair that really should not be discussed negatively with my daughter. Yet she is from the old school, the if it ain't white it ain't right school. I don't think my daughter has decided to not get them because of her grandmother's remarks. I've always taught her that what ever she was given was a gift, curly hair, big lips, wide hips whatever. Just today she asked could she wear her fro...I smiled and thought to myself how proud I am of her to have so much positive self love. It reminds me of how when I think I could be doing so much better as a mom that I'm not all that bad after all.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Some changes

I've committed to leaving my hair alone for the past month. I've done my bantu knot-outs about twice, keeping in mind the more I mess with this stuff the longer it'll take for it to loc properly. I've also been wearing hats, one because it's friggin cold and two for HILD prevention. I have a serious HILD problem. Are there any clinics out there for this???

It'll be three months soon November 16th and I can see a huge difference. Also I've had time to focus on more things besides doing my hair, I mean even when my hair was natural I'd be fed up with doing it daily. This wasn't because I didn't like my hair, I just never felt like I had enough time to do it in the morning. Anyway with winter creeping up on me I've taken immediate action to moisturize with olive oil, castor oil treatments and drinking more water. My skin gets so dry in the winter its ridiculous. Drink your water ladies and take vitamins !

Oh and here are the costumes I made for my kids, African princess and a dinosaur Thank God it's over !