Thursday, November 13, 2008


Well I must say that for a very long time I've tried to avoid it. I pretended like it wasn't bothering me. However being the semi-structural person I am, it ate away at me every day. Yes folks I redid a loc. Took it down and did it over. It's one right over my temple, for some reason it started to bother me. I kept telling myself you'll get over it, just leave it alone,it's been three months it'll get better. Yeah right ! That thing was driving me insane. So down it went. Took me about 10 minutes to unloc the lil bugger. This made me realize just how far my hair has come ! Yes they still look like little braids but they're getting there and I'm seeing some length because I constantly have to move them outta my eyes, but a sista is NOT complaining about that ! Hopefully this will be the last one I have to take down and redo. Honestly this WILL be the last one I will take down and redo.


Thandi said...

And why exactly was it bothering you?
Hmm, I'd probably have cut my permed ends off and worn braid extensions for a whole year til my hair grew long enough to put in a ponytail.I would get bored if I just wore a TWA eevry single day.

Chinue*s LLL Philosophy said...

LOL I know that feeling, very familiar~!

HappilyNappilyNish said...

It was a loc right above my temple and for some strange reason it just didn't feel right. Didn't lay right, just uncomfortable. So 10 minutes it took just to undo that sucker...can you imagine my whole head, my hair isn't even fully loc'd yet !