Saturday, November 1, 2008

Some changes

I've committed to leaving my hair alone for the past month. I've done my bantu knot-outs about twice, keeping in mind the more I mess with this stuff the longer it'll take for it to loc properly. I've also been wearing hats, one because it's friggin cold and two for HILD prevention. I have a serious HILD problem. Are there any clinics out there for this???

It'll be three months soon November 16th and I can see a huge difference. Also I've had time to focus on more things besides doing my hair, I mean even when my hair was natural I'd be fed up with doing it daily. This wasn't because I didn't like my hair, I just never felt like I had enough time to do it in the morning. Anyway with winter creeping up on me I've taken immediate action to moisturize with olive oil, castor oil treatments and drinking more water. My skin gets so dry in the winter its ridiculous. Drink your water ladies and take vitamins !

Oh and here are the costumes I made for my kids, African princess and a dinosaur Thank God it's over !

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