Tuesday, October 7, 2008

History, Hurt and Healing....

Found a great little site that goes in depth about the history of dreadlocs. While it's a style that has become somewhat mainstream and I mean that in a positive sense it's still a style that many don't understand fully.

Now I'm a firm believer in choice. However you want to wear your hair is your decision. I don't condemn those who wear their hair relaxed, wear weaves or wigs. I don't think that constantly nagging someone on how they should live their life, wear their hair, or what foods they eat, will get them to change. From watching this. video there are some upset and hurt people out there. If you want to convince someone that what you've done works then simply live by example. War does not achieve peace.

Complaining does not achieve desired results. Instead that negative energy pushes people,places and things away from you. If I think that I can help my girls who still wear their hair relaxed into transitioning with less fear and more ease then why not do so by showing them.

And with that being said...I am slowly counting down the days to my latching. This time I will incorporate a pedicure, manicure and massage into this monthly ritual. Mmmmmm can't wait.

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Thandi said...

Please tell me more about this programme about poor whites.