Monday, October 6, 2008

And so now it begins...

Last month as you might recall, I cheated and latched my hair about a week early. Here I am now with about an inch of new growth and it's driving me nuts. My latch date is October 16th which just so happens to be my birthday...which means I will not be latching on that day but I at least am going to wait until that week to do it. I read somewhere over the weekend that the more you have your hands in your hair the longer it will take to loc. This also includes styling it as well. I'm not sure if this is true or not but I'll see. For the next 2 months I will be wearing it in less styles. Just my trusty ole headbands, and possibly some head wraps that will insure my HILD lessens. The International Locs Conference was a beautiful event and definitely a needed gathering of strong minded folks. The main focus was not solely on Hair, but moreso a unification of our people. Some of the speakers were Junious Ricardo Stanton,Dalani Aamon,Batin Ashante,AndElizabeth Wellington,among many others. I did enjoy the demonstration of the Wrap a Loc and also the discussion of Eating Healthy with Cherron Perry. It was absolutely enlightening. So what did I get out of this you ask ? Well for starters I've always wanted to find out so much more about my heritage and african roots and thus my journey has started with finding out the truth about African history. Which here in the U.S. consists of two pages in our history books if even that, oh and they only talk about that was the only African Kingdom ever...*rolling eyes* Also giving more of this knowledge to my children. Over the weekend I asked my stepchildren what did they know of Africa...2 of them immediately replied "Nothing", 1 replied that Islam originated there, because he is Muslim and he has been taught this. This is scary. Our children know hardly anything of their past ! We certainly cannot rely on our school systems no matter how good some of them are to teach our history ! It's time to wake up.

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