Saturday, October 11, 2008

I think it's time.

To Latch away that is. I've been walking around for the past week looking like a natty dread. Which is good, just telling me that it's time for a latching. As you can clearly see the naps have taken over.

Since I've never gone into detail about product use, and there's a reason why, I might as well do it now.

Products: Water, Olive Oil, Dollar store shampoo. The green bottle contains water and conditioner which I mist on my hair daily. And my daughter's pony tail holders,also a dollar store find that works very well, I might add.

And of course my handy dandy latchin' tool It's a little paper clip that I bent to form a needle like shape and then used tape to secure the edges down. I actually got this idea froma MsButterfli on youtube Thank God for people who are willing to share their secrets, I'm sure it's saved me hundreds of dollars. Bless up to all the DIYers out there, the way things are going nowadays there will be a whole lot more of that DIY going around. Stay tuned for the latched results...

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Thandi said...

You'll laugh at this, but for a long time, I thought conditioner was only for caucasion hair!!