Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Walmart, Dinosaurs and Madness

Disclaimer: Political views mentioned on this page are strictly the opinion of a well educated black woman and do not represent the views and policies of all locs wearers. lol

I've tried hard to stay away from speaking poorly about this election that is coming up but when I hear poppycock like .Walmart having meetings about not voting for Obama, that's when I get p'd off. Of course Walmart has denied these accusations saying that it would not pressure their employees in such a way but I beg to differ. Why would Walmart the glorious corporation do such a thing in the first place you ask ? Well it's simple, Obama is co sponsoring the Employee Free Choice Act, which would allow labor organizations to unionize workplaces without secret ballot elections. Allowing their workers to unionize causing hefty dues, the possibility of a strike without compensation and causing fewer jobs with the rising cost of labor according to Walmart.

What I find interesting about this is that if Walmart can make time to have meetings to discuss politics with their employees why can't they find solutions to their already existing problems. As far as fewer jobs....um when did they start paying the employees so heftily there in the first place and treating them fairly, giving workers a reason to stay . Walmart has been in the news constantly about their discriminatory practices and policies Now all of a sudden they care about their employees, please spare me. The only reason why most employees stay is because they have to and face dire times without that paycheck not because they are on the Walmart Bandwagon. I will not be shopping there again,instead I'll hit up some other stores that probably treat their workers the same...uggh We need a black Walmart, maybe Jamalmart.

In other new I have taken on the task of making my children's Halloween costumes, um not really thinking about what I was getting myself into. So my son wants to be a dinosaur and my daughter an African Queen. I have managed to sew the pants and shirt to his outfit so far...by hand. The Queen outfit should be easy some fabric for a dress a head wrap and some jewelry. My outfit will be a tired mom complete with food stains on clothes and bags under my eyes with two dolls taped to my legs...I think it's creative.

Last but not least I have just been informed that I've been chosen to be a Maid of Honor for someones wedding...um yeah bring the madness on. Can i help incorporate traditions of St. Lucia and it's Caribbean atmosphere into an outdoor space in lovely Philadelphia ? Stay tuned to find out...

Hey Thandi I need some help on doing this head wrap properly help a sister out.


Thandi said...

LOL. The best is to tie a long rectangular piece..You HAVE to share pics when you're done!

Chinue*s LLL Philosophy said...

I absolutely agree with your post! Keep speaking out! I love your hair by the way. Take care!

HappilyNappilyNish said...

I will post pics when it's all done.

Thanks for the compliment Chinue :)