Saturday, October 18, 2008

Before and After

Wigged out photo shoot

The Press and Curl

Installation of Braidlocs

Braidlocs Bantu Knot Out Month One

Natty Dred Month Two

Yowzers, have I come a long way. When I look back on these pics I can remember what exactly was happening in my life, is it weird to say that my hair was a reflection of it ? Does locing one's hair mean something more than its just another hairstyle or is it a reflection that you on now on a different path ? How is this different from wearing your hair natural in general ?

I was approached at work yesterday by a woman who said she loved my hair and she wish she had enough courage to do hers the same. At the same time another woman asked "What are those ?" I replied "I'm letting my hair loc." she gasped and said " You want your hair to look that way,Locs make you look different !" I replied "How much more different than I already look now?" It's already started to loc in the back I'm just waiting for the front to catch up. The woman who complimented me said " I love locs and I want them I think they're beautiful." She went on to say how her cousin has them and her hair is down to her bottom.

When I first cut off my permed hair I was only 17, ten years later people's criticisms don't have the same effect. Ten years ago I would've questioned myself as to whether or not I made the right decision. However I notice that no one with their hair in excellent condition has ever made a negative remark. It's always some bald around the edges, weave too tight, braids hanging by the strand woman who questions my hair decisions. I'm not biased against any one's hair choice. You do what makes you happy and what feels right to you. I personally choose to wear my hair natural, there is nothing that anyone can say to make me change my mind. I hope that others out there have the courage to stick it out and not fall under pressure. If you can't do locs at least do it natural get to know the real you.


QueenLi said...

Your new locks look nice, Very Nice! :) If you take care of your health, 30 will be the new 20. I am around the corner from 40, and I want to feel just as good as I did at age 30. I have been in {my new set of} locks for a year now.

Take Care~

Thandi said...

Maybe it's the guilt making them say silly things! Or envy that your hair is healthy and LOOKING GOOD without being fried!

MAI-TY said...

Your hair looks fabulous! Shake those haters off!

HappilyNappilyNish said...

Thanks Ladies,
I honestly think that most women wish they could rock the natural do and just don't know how. It's up to us to shine our lights and let othes know it's not that hard.

Chinue*s LLL Philosophy said...

I really rate this post! I also love your pics, esp the one with the bantu knots pulled out, looking very nice. Take care!