Monday, September 15, 2008

The Misinformed

It's amazing how many people women and men are so misinformed about their culture. I realized just how blessed I am these past few weeks to have a spouse that's supportive in everything I take on, crazy or not this man has got my back.

I had a chat with a friend about the dreaded perm. I was explaining to him or at least trying to about how they were bad. We started this discussion over a "Just for Me" kids perm . I stated that it's a shame how people bring their children up thinking that it's okay to burn out their hair. He assured me that nappy headed children needed help, because their hair was too hard to maintain. It was much easier to just throw a perm in a child's head to make it more manageable. Okay by this point I was so upset, then he went on to say that his kids luckily had his good hair.

I asked him "So nappy hair is bad hair ?" and his response was " No I'm just saying it'd be easier on the kid and the parent if they had nappy hair to just get it permed !". Now if this brother was educated a little better about "our" hair, I'm sure he'd feel different. It's a shame how we bring up our children thinking that something is wrong with what they've been given. Just imagine having a child born with a disability and reminding them constantly that something is wrong with them, how is telling a child that the hair on their head be it not straight, is wrong, any different ?

How many women out there are longing to go natural but because of poor support systems choose not to out of fear. I've had sisters tell me that they can't go natural cause they're man doesn't like it. I don't mean transitioning with braids or weaves natural, I'm talking about my hair is 2inches long and I want to wear it out today natural....the Afro puff natural, the hair doesn't even fall past my ears yet natural...

How sad is that, Is it really that bad out there my sisters. Are we afraid of what's underneath the weaves and braids and wigs ? Is wearing our natural hair more than just a hairstyle is it seen as as statement, why ? Why can't it just be a hairstyle. When the caucasion girl next to you at work dyes her brown hair blonde do we think she's making a statement or that she just wants blonde hair right now. Why should it be any different for us ? Do we form our own prisons with self afflicting negative thoughts of our own hair ? What can we do to change this projection and help others ?

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free2bme said...

I completely agree. This is one of my largest pet peeves. It is just something that I give to God, because I can't believe people still feel this way. it is pure craziness!!