Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Braidlocs Month in Review

It's Been a month ! Here some pictures from this month in review..

You can definitely see a difference especially in the back of my head before and after latching in the pictures towards the end.


Rosengeranium said...

I love that hairdo! Do you rebraid it, or will you change to something else once the hair has grown too long?

Interesting that how you manage your hair always is a statement. When I walked to a job interview yesterday I met a (good looking) woman with bleached hair and artificial suntan. I looked at her and thought
"Yup, fits my prejudice bill exactly."
The prejudice in this case is that she was a woman with a love for black and pink. If she had lived in the US she would probably have been leader of the cheer leading squad, but since Sweden don't have cheer leaders in that way she'd stay content with being queen of the disco. Probably she's still doing work out at the gym. There's not a settled word for the group, but if I'd say "Barbie mafia" any swede would understand what kind of people I tried to describe.

Some of this is only prejudice, but her decision to use peroxide on her slightly darker hair shows a will to affiliate with a group with special colours and signs. I don't know how concious this decision is - my own hairdo put me in the "former live role playing actor" group since I wear it long in a braid, and I'm certainly not thinking
"I _have_ to show my affiliation with live roleplayers!"
every day I do my hair. On the other hand I know what a stir it would create if I suddenly started to bleach my hair and using a sunbed.

HappilyNappilyNish said...

I'm actually letting my hair lock, so these little braids one day will be no more. As far as the "Barbie Mafia" they are everywhere. I find it remarkable how those with fair skin try hard to have dark skin and those with dark skin try hard to have fair skin . Be happy with what you have especially starting with the inside and then work your way out.