Monday, August 25, 2008

The missing pumpkin

Came home today and as always before entering the house, the kids and I glance at the garden (which we planted in the neighbors yard) to see any there are any surprises. Well today there was a big one. The pumpkin that my daughter planted disappeared. Now I have a couple of suspects and though I really, really, really want to just knock the crap out of who I think the culprits are instead I'm going to leave some seed packets in the same spot that the pumpkin was in, I'm choosing not to be negative about the situation and just letting it be. My daughter didn't seem so phased she has plenty of other things in her garden to be grateful about and maybe that's the attitude we should all have.

Anywho, today I realized that I'd forgotten to wear my bonnet on my head last night and also did not braid or put curlers in my hair it was a free flowing day, I like it :)

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