Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's a virtue


Something that is spoken of so often when reading blogs of people with locs. What's most common is the phrase " I though I had patience...but...". Patience is one of those things that progresses and matures as time goes on. Before I had kids I was very impatient. After having just one I thought I was a pro. After the second one was born I realized I was a coo-coo for thinking that I was a patient pro. I know with two kids both young ages my patience quest is still ongoing.

With my newly find love of braidlocs I'm finding myself wanting to latch my hair, I run my fingers through my hair and across my scalp and love the fuzzy feeling ,but also want to latch this growth badly. Has anyone else felt this way so soon ? I've only had my braidlocs in for 2 1/2 weeks. Why does it feel like it's been so much longer than that ?

So far my hubby loves them but he's always loved my natural hairstyles. What's interesting is that my grandmother who is not from the peace love and nappiness generation, has complemented me on a few of my hairstyles. What's more amazing is that my daughter is crazy over nappy hairstyles. Our ongoing theme is Work whatever God gave you whether its big hips, full lips, nappy hair and blackness everywhere...WORK IT GIRL ! WORK IT !

She's already asked about braidlocs, I told her to wait and see how mommy's turn out and then tell me if she wants them. I would hate for her have them in her hair and then after being hounded by family members decide to take them out. What age is a good age for locs for a little girl ? We need to have a Loc Convention in Philly soon......I have lots of questions for now beads and braids and fro's will have to do.

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Thandi said...

LOL...Sounds like me-I wanted to latch asap too!!