Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Why thank you !

Are those Sisterlocs? One of my volunteers asked me today. She actually has Sisterlocs but wears her hair wrapped up so I couldn't tell when questioning her about her hair. I told her that my love of Sisterlocs led to my DIY loc quest and the discovery of braidlocs. I've met more women and men this year that are loc returners, meaning they're on their 2nd set. Many of them either complained that their first set was too small or too large and opted for the opposite for their 2nd set. This is funny to me because I catch myself getting nitpicky over a loc or two that isn't the size I wanted it to be and my Snoopy reminds me to calm down and leave my hair alone..lol "You're hair will never grow right if you keep bothering it" he yells at me. I need that tough love sometimes.

Also to keep my hair moisturized I keep it simple. Water mixed with conditioner in a spray bottle shake it up and spray it on. Also my hair was feeling weird this week so I did my 1st ACV (apple cider vinegar) rinse. Due to the trial and error of many other nappies out there including my mother, I knew better than to use a lot. 2 tablespoons to 32 ounces of water in a basin. My hair felt much better, less weighed down.

I'll post pics this week I promise guys !


Thandi said...

Well, it grows elsewhere too. There's okra in Zimbabwe too and that's in Southern Africa!

Thandi said...

Hey you!Hope you're enjoying your holiday!