Thursday, November 5, 2009

Out of the woodworks

Well ladies it's been quite a while. My last blog was in August shortly after my 1 year loc-versary. I must say it's been an interesting experience. I'm reminded daily of my choice not only to grow locs but to go back to being natural. There are millions of blogs, books, sites and now even movies that cover the topic or at least attempt to. It's amazing to see how once the veil is lifted from our eyes what can be accomplished as a human. My decision to go natural, repeatedly, left me questioning myself. Why am I choosing to wear my hair natural or straight? Will it affect my profession? What are the right locs? Even in all of our natural self righteousness we've managed to condemn one another about what's natural and what's not. Who's locs are better? As if it made a difference we ask Small medium or Large? Many of us look down on those who choose to still perm, texturize and color their hair forgetting that we were once there. It takes years to condition yourself that you need a perm in order to fit in and it takes years to realize that you don't need one to fit in. Especially if you don't have a support system. Suprisingly many of my close friends in the past year have decided to stop getting perms. When I ask why they simply say it's just not working out as they want. I'm sure my natural influence has nothing to do with their choice, however if I made the choice to verbally punish them about their permed hair they probably wouldn't have made the switch. Be courteous to those with non-natural hair They'll make the switch when they feel the need. I'm predicting that within 5-10 year 75% of my close friends will have made the switch. Time will tell.

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Thandi said...

Yep.preaching to the 'un-natural' folk doesn't work.And even if you keep your attitude to yourself, it can show.I don't look upon them,but when I see how their hairline is gone-usually strangers in front of me in church etc, I feel sad.