Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sew busy

I've been really preoccupied these past weeks, there is a lot going on. It seems that with Fall arriving I'm playing catchup with a lot of things. Home and work both have unfinished tasks and with the decision to learn a new trade just adds more quirkiness to it. My kids decided this year their costumes would be a dinosaur and an African queen. Of course me being the artsy weirdo I am decided to make these myself. So my DH bought me a sewing machine for my birthday and I've been getting used to Besides that my DH also decided to redo our bathroom so for over a month now things have been a bit hectic, one day I came home to no walls and no sink, then no floor ( did I mention I have small kids ) Can you say disaster. I never felt so dirty after getting out of the shower in my life.

Also for the sake of my blog my hair is growing like crazy, I just latched it a week ago and already there's some new growth, funny I don't remember it being this way when i wore it in an Afro...hmmm. With the weather changing to a colder climate I'm anticipating the dry scalp and hair and here it is. I've started doing hot oil treatments, Castor oil that is. The regimen goes as follows :
1. 2 Tablespoons of Castor Oil
2. Warm in microwave for 15 seconds
3. Rub into hair and scalp
4. Wrap hair in plastic cap or towel
5. Sit for 10 minutes or longer
6. Let air dry
7. Carry on with daily duties

Really simple. You can get Castor oil from your local pharmacy. Who knew that nasty stuff was good for your hair ! I'll be blog stalking..I mean searching for more winter remedies to share, until then stay happy and nappy !

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Who's that talking ?

I have the habit of reading more into stuff than neccessary. This has worked in my favor most of the time. It has given me the abillity to see the light at the end of the tunnell even when it sometimes seems so dim. Some call this intuition or your conscience talking to you. I see it as God's voice gently and sometimes not so gently showing us what we need to see even though it may not be clear in the beginning. How many times have you thought,I should have listened to myself from the start. I believe we recieve red flags that we either choose to ignore or pay attention to. These are warnings like yield signs along a highway. We cruise along carelessly never thinking that an accident could occur...But when it does we somehow realize just how foolish our actions were. Some want to blame the other car for the accident and angrily lash out. Some blame themselves and carry it as a burden and become so depressed. Then there are those who see the accident for what it was. A mistake. They tell themselves that is was an accident, and from now on they'll be more careful and cautious with their ways and hopefully they are.

I know personally I have about 100 pages of accidents and mistakes...thank God for redemption and having enough compassion to look past our blemishes. I do wonder at times that without those accidents and mistakes would I be the person I am today. I don't think so. Most blemishes give us a story to tell and wisdom to pass on to someone else. Nothing is a coincidence everything is going as planned. Gosh I love life and all the wealth I've been given. We are truly blessed.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Before and After

Wigged out photo shoot

The Press and Curl

Installation of Braidlocs

Braidlocs Bantu Knot Out Month One

Natty Dred Month Two

Yowzers, have I come a long way. When I look back on these pics I can remember what exactly was happening in my life, is it weird to say that my hair was a reflection of it ? Does locing one's hair mean something more than its just another hairstyle or is it a reflection that you on now on a different path ? How is this different from wearing your hair natural in general ?

I was approached at work yesterday by a woman who said she loved my hair and she wish she had enough courage to do hers the same. At the same time another woman asked "What are those ?" I replied "I'm letting my hair loc." she gasped and said " You want your hair to look that way,Locs make you look different !" I replied "How much more different than I already look now?" It's already started to loc in the back I'm just waiting for the front to catch up. The woman who complimented me said " I love locs and I want them I think they're beautiful." She went on to say how her cousin has them and her hair is down to her bottom.

When I first cut off my permed hair I was only 17, ten years later people's criticisms don't have the same effect. Ten years ago I would've questioned myself as to whether or not I made the right decision. However I notice that no one with their hair in excellent condition has ever made a negative remark. It's always some bald around the edges, weave too tight, braids hanging by the strand woman who questions my hair decisions. I'm not biased against any one's hair choice. You do what makes you happy and what feels right to you. I personally choose to wear my hair natural, there is nothing that anyone can say to make me change my mind. I hope that others out there have the courage to stick it out and not fall under pressure. If you can't do locs at least do it natural get to know the real you.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Is 30 the new 20 ?

I don't know but I'll soon find out in 3 years. Until then I'm going to continue to happily live my life. Today I turn 27 and I'm grateful to still be here living the life. I know God has major plans for me some of which I've yet to embark on. I'm so thankful to have the wonderful life that I have and all those I share it with especially my lil ones and Snoopy. I don't know where I'd be without them....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Walmart, Dinosaurs and Madness

Disclaimer: Political views mentioned on this page are strictly the opinion of a well educated black woman and do not represent the views and policies of all locs wearers. lol

I've tried hard to stay away from speaking poorly about this election that is coming up but when I hear poppycock like .Walmart having meetings about not voting for Obama, that's when I get p'd off. Of course Walmart has denied these accusations saying that it would not pressure their employees in such a way but I beg to differ. Why would Walmart the glorious corporation do such a thing in the first place you ask ? Well it's simple, Obama is co sponsoring the Employee Free Choice Act, which would allow labor organizations to unionize workplaces without secret ballot elections. Allowing their workers to unionize causing hefty dues, the possibility of a strike without compensation and causing fewer jobs with the rising cost of labor according to Walmart.

What I find interesting about this is that if Walmart can make time to have meetings to discuss politics with their employees why can't they find solutions to their already existing problems. As far as fewer when did they start paying the employees so heftily there in the first place and treating them fairly, giving workers a reason to stay . Walmart has been in the news constantly about their discriminatory practices and policies Now all of a sudden they care about their employees, please spare me. The only reason why most employees stay is because they have to and face dire times without that paycheck not because they are on the Walmart Bandwagon. I will not be shopping there again,instead I'll hit up some other stores that probably treat their workers the same...uggh We need a black Walmart, maybe Jamalmart.

In other new I have taken on the task of making my children's Halloween costumes, um not really thinking about what I was getting myself into. So my son wants to be a dinosaur and my daughter an African Queen. I have managed to sew the pants and shirt to his outfit so hand. The Queen outfit should be easy some fabric for a dress a head wrap and some jewelry. My outfit will be a tired mom complete with food stains on clothes and bags under my eyes with two dolls taped to my legs...I think it's creative.

Last but not least I have just been informed that I've been chosen to be a Maid of Honor for someones yeah bring the madness on. Can i help incorporate traditions of St. Lucia and it's Caribbean atmosphere into an outdoor space in lovely Philadelphia ? Stay tuned to find out...

Hey Thandi I need some help on doing this head wrap properly help a sister out.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weight off my shoulders...well off my neck to be exact.

The results are in. My wash condition and latchin' session took me about 2 1/2 hours to complete. Of course in this time I was running after my 3 year old, cleaning up and talking to Snoopy. So approximate time it took to latch I'm not sure. I only have around 120 something locs on my head, my head is really so it never takes me long to do my hair. Oh and I was tagged....again...I know you folks reading this are thinking...hasn't she told us just about everything the last two times she was tagged ?!?!?

1. Link to the person that tagged you.....

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I was tagged by BrownSuga

I will try my best to find 6 random people to tag.

Okay here it goes...again:
1. I am named after an African country
2. My daughter is named after an African tribe.
3. I have no tattoos and only my ears pierced.
4. I love dipping french fries in milkshakes.
5. My favorite number is 7
6. I am an only child however I do have half siblings
(Papa was a rolling stone)

I am going to tag : Bougie,
Everything but the kitchen sink,
Party of Five. These are all awesome bloggers and you should defintely check out their blogs.

I will also ,for the next week, be dabbling in more vegetarian dishes. I used to be one long before I had kids and sometimes think back on how if I'd had better knowledge and guidance I probably would've stayed one...ah well I'm off to make spinach and potato curry YUM !

P.S. All my vegan and vegatarian bloggers out there hit me up and send me some good recipes ! Bless.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I think it's time.

To Latch away that is. I've been walking around for the past week looking like a natty dread. Which is good, just telling me that it's time for a latching. As you can clearly see the naps have taken over.

Since I've never gone into detail about product use, and there's a reason why, I might as well do it now.

Products: Water, Olive Oil, Dollar store shampoo. The green bottle contains water and conditioner which I mist on my hair daily. And my daughter's pony tail holders,also a dollar store find that works very well, I might add.

And of course my handy dandy latchin' tool It's a little paper clip that I bent to form a needle like shape and then used tape to secure the edges down. I actually got this idea froma MsButterfli on youtube Thank God for people who are willing to share their secrets, I'm sure it's saved me hundreds of dollars. Bless up to all the DIYers out there, the way things are going nowadays there will be a whole lot more of that DIY going around. Stay tuned for the latched results...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Just Desserts or just wrong ?

I found this video a two weeks ago, I believe I was browsing for something about Africa and locs and somehow this video about the poor whites in South Africa. I was a bit surprised. Of course being American and ignorant to so many things that occur in other countries, I've always had this assumption that the whites in South Africa were living quite nice. This video shows different. Accusations against the government who fought against racism are now using it against the poor whites that live there. Is this trues ? Well I'm not from South Africa and I cannot certainly attest to those who are speaking for themselves in the video. If what they're saying is true it's interesting. Does the government there believe that these people are getting what they deserve because of what has happened in the past...What goes around comes around, but when does the cycle stop ?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

History, Hurt and Healing....

Found a great little site that goes in depth about the history of dreadlocs. While it's a style that has become somewhat mainstream and I mean that in a positive sense it's still a style that many don't understand fully.

Now I'm a firm believer in choice. However you want to wear your hair is your decision. I don't condemn those who wear their hair relaxed, wear weaves or wigs. I don't think that constantly nagging someone on how they should live their life, wear their hair, or what foods they eat, will get them to change. From watching this. video there are some upset and hurt people out there. If you want to convince someone that what you've done works then simply live by example. War does not achieve peace.

Complaining does not achieve desired results. Instead that negative energy pushes people,places and things away from you. If I think that I can help my girls who still wear their hair relaxed into transitioning with less fear and more ease then why not do so by showing them.

And with that being said...I am slowly counting down the days to my latching. This time I will incorporate a pedicure, manicure and massage into this monthly ritual. Mmmmmm can't wait.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Random Amusement

Side Cheese
Me and Double E

From Untitled Album

From More Summer 08

You can feel good about HOOD milk....ha ha

And so now it begins...

Last month as you might recall, I cheated and latched my hair about a week early. Here I am now with about an inch of new growth and it's driving me nuts. My latch date is October 16th which just so happens to be my birthday...which means I will not be latching on that day but I at least am going to wait until that week to do it. I read somewhere over the weekend that the more you have your hands in your hair the longer it will take to loc. This also includes styling it as well. I'm not sure if this is true or not but I'll see. For the next 2 months I will be wearing it in less styles. Just my trusty ole headbands, and possibly some head wraps that will insure my HILD lessens. The International Locs Conference was a beautiful event and definitely a needed gathering of strong minded folks. The main focus was not solely on Hair, but moreso a unification of our people. Some of the speakers were Junious Ricardo Stanton,Dalani Aamon,Batin Ashante,AndElizabeth Wellington,among many others. I did enjoy the demonstration of the Wrap a Loc and also the discussion of Eating Healthy with Cherron Perry. It was absolutely enlightening. So what did I get out of this you ask ? Well for starters I've always wanted to find out so much more about my heritage and african roots and thus my journey has started with finding out the truth about African history. Which here in the U.S. consists of two pages in our history books if even that, oh and they only talk about that was the only African Kingdom ever...*rolling eyes* Also giving more of this knowledge to my children. Over the weekend I asked my stepchildren what did they know of Africa...2 of them immediately replied "Nothing", 1 replied that Islam originated there, because he is Muslim and he has been taught this. This is scary. Our children know hardly anything of their past ! We certainly cannot rely on our school systems no matter how good some of them are to teach our history ! It's time to wake up.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

International Locs Conference

The International Locs Conference Is today in Philadelphia in the Northern Liberties neighborhood. I'll actually be meeting up with some other women in a Natural In Philly Groupthat I found while websurfing for women in the area who rock the natural style. I'll post more about it later on. Until next time..

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Pony Ta !

Hoo hoo lookee who has a new updo. I wore it to work today. I think it looks cute and keeps the locs outta my way, well I'm not tripping over them yet. However they do get crazy every now and then so this is a good way to tame the lil beasts. I hope no one had a seizure looking at these pics cause my sweater looks bright as heck !

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Goodness Tagged again.....

I know you guys are wondering seriously another six things that we need to know about you...I'll try and make this more interesting than the last. If that's possible.

I was tagged by Babydoll

The rules are, you must list 6 non important,quirky,crazy things about yourself.You must also show the link of the person who tagged you. And last but not least you must tag 3 other people....I think...but I'm only tagging two, because most blogs I've run across lately have cobwebs on them....

Here we go...

1. I must admit that I have a weakness for men with locs, I've been known to stare,it's a horrible, horrible flaw of mine that I'm working on. There is something majestic about a man with locs in his hair, I really don't know how to explain it. Snoopy knows this so it's no big secret,maybe I can convince him to get some...*fingers crossed*

2. I really enjoy helping people and am choosing to stay in my line of work because of that reason alone. I could easily obtain a job where I'd make 2x's the amount I'm making now, however I believe that helping a greater good will benefit me much more in the long run.

3. I realized this year that what we want is not always what we need, and vice versa. I have learned to trust my intution aka my spidey sense.When it starts to tingle thats my cue to get to steppin.

4. Keeping negative people around for the sake of having company isn't worth anyone's time. I'd rather be alone and be happy than to have associates always whining and crying about how they're a victim of today's society

5. I will to live to see a day when black people are just considered people. When we hear of breaking crime news, and instantly hope it's not a black person, a time when we'll realize as a people that we're ok as teachers, and homemakers just as much as a basketball player and a rapper. A time when the victim mentality will cease and the empowered mind will replace it. When we'll realize that our families being together is important. Other cultures get it why don't we ? I could go on and on but I'll just end it there.

6. Last but not least If I can reach at least one person a day and make them smile and show them that they have so much to be greatful for then I'm happy.I've been blessed to have people in my life that have shown me things to get me back on track so I'd like to return the favor to the world.

With all that being said I'm tagging:
My girl Thandi And